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Details of the architecture

To Be or Not to Be

Yeah, the site's lame. But over the last two years of tweaking this code – adding considerable new features and interfaces – the code base has pretty much remained the same size.

All along I've been calling this an experiment. I want to see how to write "old style", structural code, with the following design criteria:

I have nearly achieved that in full in what I call the "Core Code". For the Admin code – especially the new "Admin Extensions" – I relax the no in-line HTML rule somewhat.

The code is split up into several "sections". By that I mean:

"All the DATA are 'here'. All the HTML is 'here'. All the SQL is 'here'."

With 'here' meaning a single location

Having all the HTML in one source file (as an array) turned out to be rather a pain to maintain – but now there are three ways to use HTML (strings and templates): in an array, in a function or in a files.

Which brings me to this aphorism:

The DATA drives the code.

So finally, as the code has become stable, I can now start writing more about this code here.

Quothe the programmer. "Later more..."

  1. Though this code long ago abandoned SQL sh^Htuff.