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Details of the architecture

The Next Little Thing

Adding up INDEX.PHP and RULES.PHP we are at about 350 lines of code (of course, a few hundred other lines is a few other files were executed to read the configuration files and initialize all the data — but that was all).

The next step is the running of the rule. The default rule is read and it is three functions, two of which simply and only display an HTML template:

        displayhtml open
        displayhtml close

Those are almost identical to:

        readfile htm/open.html
        readfile htm/close.html

Except that the HTML includes PHP variables which are properly displayed (the "template engine" will be explained later). The function displayentries() is slightly more elaborate. Basically:

        foreach (records as record)
        	displayhtml record
        displayhtml prevnext

in a typical "10 posts per page with Next and Previous links at the end" fashion.

The display code is the code's largest module at about 725 lines total — the functions mentioned here are about 175 lines — and it mainly does all the work.