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GMLP is the Goofy Markup Language Processor.

Markup Language because it converts input text formatted like Markdown and produces HTML output like and it's variants.

Processor because the input format is not hard-coded but defined as PHP data.

And Goofy because the code is a bit bloated and confusing (and the first format definition file was, well, goofy).

The PHP data – optionally supported by functions and/or closures – is specified on the command line:

    ./gmlp markdown > readme.htm

The PHP data to define "markup rules" is called a definition file. Included are files for Markdown, BBCode, HTML2MD, TXT2MD, CSS minify/unminify, strip comments and a few more as examples.

Here is the GMLP code archive. But first read the README; and view the basic algorithm GMLP PHP.


Known Bugs

There are several, however, rite now they ain't documented (sorry). This code, though old and buggey, is something that I personally use quite offten for small, local tasks. And it is used to publish these posts on this Site.

It's something I pick at at the time...