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The SMU – Simple MarkUp project/package/archive has been updated. SMU Readme.

Download: Oh, and this might be useful:

There were many links here to source code – mostly in PHP and Perl and open source. Then they were all moved to Github. Then they were all REMOVED from that place after they sold out to Microsoft.

It all might come back to be here soon... And probly back there some time...

Code Debugging API

PHP Debug is a single file API for tracing PHP applications.

You can add, with minimal impact, diagnostics to be displayed upon program termination. Each diagnostic contains file, function and caller function information as well.

Just an API, not a class. Just include the debug.php file and add debug() calls throughout your code similar to var_dump(). However, the diagnostic messages are stored and displayed as a list at program termination. The diagnostics can be disabled and controlled in other ways.

It's small and simple yet very versatile and includes demonstration/testing code.

Here is the PHP Debug code. There is a Go debug, and a Perl debug, to be here soon.



Known Bugs

The exit diagnostic messages have file/function/line data. The file is supposed to have the DOCUMENT_ROOT removed (i.e. "/srv/www/htdocs"); however, running in some environments this gets screwed up – e.g. command line or in Visual Studio Code with "Launch currently open script". (The latter case has really weird $_SERVER array data.)


Screen Shots


GMLP is the Goofy Markup Language Processor.

Markup Language because it converts input text formatted like Markdown and produces HTML output like and it's variants.

Processor because the input format is not hard-coded but defined as PHP data.

And Goofy because the code is a bit bloated and confusing (and the first format definition file was, well, goofy).

The PHP data – optionally supported by functions and/or closures – is specified on the command line:

    ./gmlp markdown > readme.htm

The PHP data to define "markup rules" is called a definition file. Included are files for Markdown, BBCode, HTML2MD, TXT2MD, CSS minify/unminify, strip comments and a few more as examples.

Here is the GMLP code archive. But first read the README; and view the basic algorithm GMLP PHP.


Known Bugs

There are several, however, rite now they ain't documented (sorry). This code, though old and buggey, is something that I personally use quite offten for small, local tasks. And it is used to publish these posts on this Site.

It's something I pick at at the time...

Simple Mark Up

SMU is Simple Markup, and is an API for text conversion, any format to any format, from case conversion to Markdown to [insert yours]. Any text to any text.

SMU is not a textutil like SED or AWK or TR, but simply a few PHP algorithms to apply regular expression conversions to input text.

Download SMU 1.4.2 code archive. But first read the SMU README.

Here is an example that converts text to uppercase:

there is more